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Doxey Process Engineering is pleased to work with Gram Ice Cream equipment here in the UK and Ireland. Please see below a resume for the Gram Equipment company.

At Gram Equipment, we exert ourselves to supply customers with high quality ice cream equipment and flexible solutions, enabling them to manufacture ice cream products exactly the way they wish to.

Gram Equipment is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for industrial ice cream production. With an extensive global network of subsidiary companies, agents, Sales & Service offices and 170 employees worldwide, Gram Equipment provides manufacturers of ice cream and other food products with the best possible basis for meeting consumer demands.

When the production machinery from a supplier has long proven its quality and reliability - as is the case with products from Gram Equipment - the decisive factor becomes the ability of the supplier to provide the specialized know-how to design, produce, install and service the equipment. Decades of experience combined with the particular Gram Equipment approach has secured the company’s leading position in this field.

We have a fully comprehensive range of equipment, from individual process lines to complete production facilities and from mixing equipment to final packaging facilities. And we can deliver customized design of complete production lines for large scale production. We constantly strive to extend our range of possible solutions and our aim is to ensure that our customers always can respond swiftly to the rapidly changing demands of markets and consumers all over the world.

Modern manufacturing processes involve complex, integrated systems with many specialized functions in order to meet consumer requirements. And every single element must work reliably at all times.

All the component parts in Gram Equipment installations are guaranteed to work together, as well as integrating smoothly with existing equipment and with machinery from all major suppliers. This is achieved by an intensive focus on the exact operational requirements of each individual customer and manufacturing process.

Gram Equipment provides profitable opportunities by:

• matching the equipment to both present and future tasks
• achieving maximum built-in efficiency and flexibility right from the drawing board and
• supplying new technologies, machinery and features that easily adapt to existing equipment

We put the best ideas into practice to ensure that ice cream manufacturers can turn their ideas into new products, new processes and new ways of making, shaping and packaging ice cream. The technology from Gram Equipment enables ice cream manufacturers to delight consumers all over the world with attractive, tasty ice cream products.

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The Range...

GIF 600 Self-Contained Freezer
GIF 1200 Self-Contained Freezer
IF 2000 Ingredient Feeder
IF 4000 Ingredient Feeder
IF 10000 Ingredient Feeder
CAF 21 Filling Machine
GMF In-line Filling Machine
ILF-M In-line Filling Machine
Ripple Pump
Pneumatic Ripple Pump
Doser Unit
Mechanical Ripple Pump