Our tank supplier was established in 1951 and in 60 years accumulated so much experience in the heat exchange sector as to be currently reckoned amongst the worldwide leading companies.

The company is located north of Milan, in Mese, where offices and manufacturing facilities are accommodated in a 40.000 m2 area of which 20.000 m2 roofed.

The cross-border activities of the company are witnessed by its active presence in 60 countries through importers, dealers, agents and other intermediaries. Know-how at the forefront of known technology, highly qualified staff - all of which certified by Authoritative Third Parties - are the pillars of highly reliable and dependable products.

The fields covered by our suppliers products are extremely wide with, however, the food sector solidly leading and particularly dairies, wine-making, ice cream, breweries, bread-making at the forefront. Other fields solidly entrenched in our experience are the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, drying industries, heat-recovery at large, paper and mechanical industries, packaging, liquid extraction, painting, medical equipment and refrigerated vans industry.

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The Range...

Batch Pasturiser
Ageing Vat – Mixer
Frigomilk Milk Cooler G9
Frigomilk Milk Cooler G1
Frigomilk Milk Cooler G4
Frigomilk Milk Cooler G10
Beer Tanks